Screens For Aluminium Doors

    Screens For Aluminium Doors

    Project Windows and Doors offers screen options for almost all of our aluminium door products. Our screens for aluminium doors provide a much-needed barrier to keep pests out while maintaining maximum ventilation.

    The 100 Series

    This series includes a range of sliding, stacking sliding, bifold and French doors that come with an efficient and stylish 38mm frame. They provide everything required for affordable residential housing and low rise residential units. It provides all the features needed in a home including light ventiliation, design and lifestyle.

    Options available with our 100 Series: Sliding Doors, Stacking Sliding Doors, Bifold Doors and French Doors.

    The 200 Series

    This innovative range of doors features a 55.4mm frame. All doors come with a number of glazing options to suit your homes environment and each product has the ability to be double glazed. This product range is ideal for where a semi architectural look is required.

    Options available with our 200 Series: Bifold Doors and French Doors.

    The 300 Series

    The 300 series of products combines sophisticated and modern architectural design with superior quality, functionality, style and value. This series is designed for specialised residential projects where aesthetics, size, strength and performance are priorities. All products in this series can be double glazed and are also suitable for most semi commercial projects.

    Options available with our 300 Series: Sliding Doors, Bifold Doors and French Doors.

    Architectural Range

    This is the most recent and impressive addition to the product line featuring the premium 400 and 900 series. The robust, commercial grade frames, with clean, modern lines have a visually stunning impact and complement today’s modern architectural styles. This range has been created to withstand all weather conditions and comes with an even greater choice of glazing options.

    Options available with our Architectural Range: Stacking Sliding Doors, Bifold Doors, French Doors and Shop Front Commercial.